Monday, November 2, 2009

NEW RELEASE: coco cabernet custom vinotherapy mask

coco cabernet custom vinotherapy mask-to-go pack
Who doesn't love wine and chocolate? Indulge in a delectable vinotherapy treatment rich in age-fighting resveratrol found in our crushed grapeseeds & red wine extract. Let your skin drink in the potent benefits of the polyphenols, vitamins and antioxidants from luscious dark chocolate and green tea. Exotic Moroccan rhassoul detoxifies while humectant heavy honey replenishes you from head to toe. Coco cabernet delivers divine decadence without the calories!

coco cabernet custom vinotherapy mask for face & body
16 oz jar

Coco Cabernet is 1 of 3 new innovative dry vinotherapy masks that can be customized with mixers based on your skin type for use on both the face AND body! Coco cabernet custom vinotherapy masks are available in the "mask-to-go" packs, and larger 16 oz jars, complete with a mask fan application brush and instructions on how to mix up your 100% natural mask in less than 1 minute. Back bar spa gallon containers are also available on our wholesale site. Apply for a wholesale account here.
Body application brush available separately for professional full body treatments.

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