Thursday, October 22, 2009

grape seeds are an antioxidant powerhouse

Grape seeds are tiny fruit seeds naturally packed with powerful antioxidants. We often hear that antioxidants are good to eat, drink and are even something to seek out in your face cream… but what exactly is an antioxidant, and how does it benefit your skin?

Antioxidants help to prevent and terminate the oxidization process, which constantly occurs as free radicals attack skin cells, damaging and aging the skin. Polyphenols
and resveratrol are particularly potent antioxidants that are concentrated in the grape seed and red grape skins respectively. Medical research has linked polyphenols and resveratrol to cancer prevention and anti-aging treatments when ingested. Great- now you don’t have to feel guilty about that glass of red wine last night, but what about applying grape seed to the skin?
Your skin is an organ- it's actually the largest organ in your body. Your skin is absorbing what you apply to it like a big sponge. The only difference is that this sponge soaks into your blood stream. Ever think about how a nicotine patch works, or a numbing cream? You apply it externally, and feel the effects internally. The same goes for the lotions and potions you put on your skin. Using grape seed based skin care is feeding your skin antioxidants from the outside in.


  1. Thanks for reminding me of the great benefits that grape seeds have on one's skin as it effectively fight free radicals and the enormous damages they cause over time. It's a good idea to adopt the practical habit of taking a grape seed supplement in order to take advantage of its many benefits.

  2. Yes, definitely a good idea. We need to remember that what you put in your body AND on your body can effect your entire system.

  3. We winterize our homes and make sure that we tend to their care so that we get the results that we want. We do the same with our vehicles. Our bodies deserve the best. What we put in and on our bodies will determine the outcome we get in terms of our health.. inward and outward.

  4. that's a great analogy Vicki, and so true!