Monday, September 14, 2009

Giving Back: The Santa Barbara Humane Society

The Grapeseed Company and its natural care line for canines, Dirty Dog Organics, are pleased to announce we have selected to support The Santa Barbara Humane Society through their business member sponsorship program.
Surf, our 103 lb black lab, the spokes-pup for Dirty Dog Organics, and the love of our life, would not be a part of our family if it weren't for the humane society. When we met Surf, he had been living at the shelter for about a week. Just a puppy, he was tall, smiley and very skinny from days wandering in search of food in the neighborhood of one of the shelter's employees. She decided something wasn't right... a beautiful pure bred American Field Black Lab, no collar, tattoo or micro chip... after asking her neighbors if they knew anything and coming up empty, she took him into the shelter.

Peter and I went looking for a small to mid sized dog. Convincing Pete to get a pup was challenge enough, so I figured I better stick to our agreed upon requirements and not push it. As we observed the cages around the shelter, I walked right by Surf. From the size of his paws, I decided on one glance he was a bit large and still had a lot of growing to do! Pete stopped, having grown up with black labs, he saw something special. He asked to meet him and Surf was brought out to a fenced in grassy area about the size of a basketball court. Pete and I knelt down of the grass; the lanky black pup ran right up to us, plopped down, and rolled onto his back for a belly rub! That was it, this was our guy. 3 years and 53 lbs later, Surf is a member of our family who has brought us so much joy and inspired our business to grow.
We are proud to support and give back to a wonderful organization that has brought our family so much joy and love.
You can give too, check out the Santa Barbara Humane Society website or your local humane society.

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