Tuesday, September 29, 2009

feed your skin from the outside in

Your skin is an organ. It's in fact the largest organ in your body. Your skin is living, breathing, and absorbing what you apply to it- kind of like a big sponge. Only difference is this sponge soaks into your blood stream. Ever think about how a nicotine patch works? Or a numbing cream like the one dentists or doctors use? You apply it externally, and feel the effects internally. Same goes for all the lotions and potions you put on your skin.

Look at your products- what are you "feeding" your skin? As consumers, the best thing we can do to ensure that we are buying healthy, green products is become label readers... what exactly is in that miracle cream anyway? We believe so strongly in label reading that we list every single ingredient in each product on our website, so you get to make a well-informed choice before purchasing.
Our vinotherapy skin care is made fresh in small batches with over 80% certified organic ingredients. It feeds your skin with the byproduct of wine making, grape seeds, grown right here in California. These tiny seeds are rich in resveratrol and polyphenols, potent anti-aging antioxidants. The 5 products in the line are simple to use, and great for all skin types- just pick your combo of products based on your skin type. Here's a quick insider's low-down on the best choices:
normal any product in the line is going to work great for you. Easy (value) pick: the Grapeseed Organic Starter Set with cleanser, toner and moisturizer
oily or combo balances the complexion; the serum helps to treat blemishes while it nourishes and hydrates. Your winning combo: green tea & grapes creme cleanser, lavender and rose toner, rose & grape serum. Just looking for a light, fast absorbing moisturizer? Try the 100% pure grapeseed oil
dry, sun damaged treat your parched skin to potent vitamins and antioxidants. green tea & grapes creme cleanser, lavender and rose toner, rose & grape serum. For a deeply hydrating treatment, layer the serum and moisturizer before bedtime.
extremely sensitive these 2 will cleanse and moisturize without irritating while leaving the skin both glowing and comfortable. Stick to the totally fragrance free basics: green tea & grapes creme cleanser, 100% pure grapeseed oil

Want to learn how to feed your skin from the inside out? Check out this post


  1. The way you pace up the description, I like it. I will buy one for me soon

  2. Most people don't realize that what you put onto your skin absorbs into the blood stream, so it so important to be careful and aware of what you use. Great post!

  3. thanks Robin. You are right-it's really not well known, but should be! We need to become our own healthy beauty advocates by reading labels. It's the only way to really know what you are putting on your skin.

  4. I agree with you Robin, thanks

  5. I was searching for the homemade medicines for my skin so that there is no side effect on my skin. Thanks to these posts.