Monday, August 24, 2009

unplug and clear your mind

After spending last summer on DIY house projects, growing The Grapeseed Company and financially recovering from buying a home, Pete and I vowed to make vacation a priority this summer. We knew we were already committed to a family reunion (across the country) and business trips that would take up way too much vacation time as it was, but we stuck to the plan... even despite my threats the day before leaving to stay home and work! Turns out a "real vacation" was exactly what I needed.
What is a "real vacation"?
*A real vacation completely removes you both physically and mentally from work.
*A real vacation lets you wander, explore, appreciate and connect with your surroundings and travel companion(s).
And for me, most importantly,

*A real vacation lets you completely unplug from technology, but still have access to it...

Going cold turkey on technology is tough. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I need the ease of mind of being able to check-in and make sure all is OK. After all, it's me (and me alone) that will need to clear up any issues. Being able to turn on my blackberry for 10 min. each morning, connect, and rest-assured that everything was running smoothly allowed me to completely unplug a few days later. I even found I was able to go without turning on my crackberry by the weekend!

I hiked and took in the gorgeous surroundings, I jumped off gigantic, hot rocks into beautiful blue lakes, I swam with my dog, I napped, I sat in hot springs and melted my way into unplug relaxation mode. I feel rejuvenated, excited and ready to tackle new ideas and projects. In fact, once I fully unplugged, I found that new ideas for the business were sprouting along with renewed excitement of why I started a business in the first place!

Life is busy- don't forget to take care of YOU. Even (and most importantly) when things get crazy and you feel like you don't have the time to.

How do you clear your mind and unplug?
Pete, aptly soaking up the benefits of the "Old Pedro" hot spring

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