Monday, June 1, 2009

5 green products to help you look fab in 15 minutes flat

I'm a pretty low maintenance natural beauty type of girl, and I've had a bit of training in the "look presentable quickly" department. This most likely stemmed from being a competitive swimmer from age 5 to 22, which meant 10 years of 5:00 AM swim practices before school! I have 2 older brothers who were swimmers and doubled as the Fraser swim carpool chauffeurs from practice to school. If I was not out of the locker room, showered and ready in under 10 minutes, they left me in the dust! Yup, mom was none too happy to receive the phone call when that happened... I learned my lesson the hard way!

As an adult, I've added 5 more min. to my speedy routine and perfected the art of looking like a million bucks in 15. Here's the skinny on five fab green products and how to make 'em work when you're in a rush:

time: 6 min
products: 1. The Grapeseed Co. wine bar organic soap
Hop in the shower. Lather up with an organic wine bar soap. Breathe in the beautiful aroma of pure plant and fruit essences. Take a minute to visualize sipping wine in the sunshine on a vineyard hillside while your skin gets squeaky clean and benefits from the powerful polyphenols and antioxidants. Or, just think about what you're going to wear so step 2 goes as planned!

time: 4 min
product: The Grapeseed Co. bath & massage oil
Turn off the water; while still in the shower, squeeze a half dollar size amount of oil in your palm and rub over your wet bod. It's a super quick, ultra hydrating and less time than lotion. Hop out of the shower towel lightly and dress- remember, you already know what you are wearing :)

time: 2 min
products: The Grapeseed Co. chamomile & grapefruit moisturizer, Bare Minerals SPF 30 natural sunscreen
This is one of my favorite beauty time saving tips. You get the benefits of an organic facial moisturizer + natural mineral make-up powder with sunscreen = a gorgeous, glowing, hydrated complexion! Squirt the moisturizer in your palm. Add a sprinkle (or 2 depending on your coverage preference) of mineral makeup, blend with finger tip and apply to face.

time: 3 min
product: bohemian beach spray by David Babaii for Wildaid
This is my new favorite product. I just discovered it about a month ago and am totally hooked! A few squirts followed by scrunches and finger styling and my wavy/curly locks are refreshed and smelling scrumptious!

STEP 5: Sayonara Sistah! Grab your keys and you're good to go.

Let's face it, if you're doing the whole hair routine, it's going to take a few min. longer. I wash my hair every 2-3 days. Not only is my hair healthier since switching to this routine (especially after washing 2x a day following practice for so many years to remove chlorine) but it sure helps with the speediness factor!

What are your tips or favorite products that help you get out the door in the morning?

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