Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mass production grapeseed style

This is a bit of an oxymoron, because The Grapeseed Co.'s "mass production" is mainly done by hand. We make the product in small batches, many times fresh when wholesale distribution orders are placed. We utilize bottle filling machines and label manually. Main point is, a person is there every step of the way, responsible and checking for the process, quality and final product of each and every grapeseed goody.

a recent batch of organic sunshine day bath & massage oil
made for the Trump Hotel Chicago

We use natural and organic ingredients which can vary slightly from crop to crop. Just as a wine produced one year may be significantly better than the previous vintage, natural ingredients may have slight variances in hue or scent.

This is why it's important to us to be not only involved, but hands-on, every step of the way. The Grapeseed Company purchases many ingredients through local sources. We even grow some of the lavender we use in our products in recycled wine barrels from local Santa Barbara wineries.

Bottom line is you get the best quality product, made with locally sourced natural and organic botanicals, from a company that has registered with the FDA Voluntary Cosmetics Registration Program for manufacturing personal care products ID#E1002924. We are committed to our green ways and supporting our local community as well as our customer's desires.

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