Saturday, May 9, 2009

Green Skin Care: Fresh from Your Kitchen

vanilla dream salt glow
1/4 cup sea salt (fine to medium grain)
3-4 T carrier oil of your choice
(olive, sunflower and grape seed oil are great picks)
3-4 drops vanilla extract

in a small bowl, combine all ingredients and mix to form a paste

Hop in a warm shower to open pores.
Rub salt scrub in a circular motion over entire body from feet up.
Avoid any area you have a scrape, cut or skin irritation as salt can sting and irritate. Rinse.
*Not recommended for people with sensitive skin

What it Does:
Salt cleanses, stimulates, detoxifies and exfoliates the skin. All of the carrier oils suggested above are high in vitamin E and antioxidants or polyphenols which help hydrate and replenish the surface of the skin. You can use the very same vanilla extract you bake with; besides smelling divine, it is known in aromatherapy as a sensual aphrodisiac that calms and comforts.

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