Monday, March 2, 2009

Dirty Dog Organics Love

Emily at GCD Spa just posted a fabulous review on Dirty Dog Organics pet care products. Emily gave Dirty Dog products as gifts over the holidays. Here's what a gift recipient had to say:
"Between baths we find that a small spray of Fur Freshener, combed through her coat, keeps her smelling sweet enough to sleep on our bed at night."
This dog looks like a real character, check her out here sporting a stylish boa and sunglasses! Glad to hear we're not the only folks sharing our bed with a sweet smelling pooch!
Dirty Dog Organics Fur Freshener was also featured in the LA Splash Gift Guide for Pets under $20. These gifts are listed by price, so scroll down to check out Dirty Dog Organics, a terrific value starting at just $5!

Does your dog have DO? That's Doggy Odor, folks! Pamper your pooch with Dirty Dog Organics botanical shampoo, fur freshener and gifts sets made with organic ingredients and fresh, calming essential oils.

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