Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fab Green Tips~ Simple, Easy on the Wallet Solutions

Some of the best ideas come to me in the shower! Pete, my partner in business and life, and I recently made the plunge into home ownership with a fixer-upper bungalow in downtown Santa Barbara. Over almost 10 years together we've taken on a number of, um, 'challenging projects', including sailing a tiny sloop to the Caribbean, launching a biz while working full-time and finishing grad school, and somehow managed to get (and stay) married in the process. We're fierce DIY-ers who believe greening your home does not have to be difficult or mean loads of cash. Along the way, we've accummulated some Fab Green Tips to pass on to our readers!

Green Skincare Blog
will start sharing some pretty amazing, cost & eco-effective, easy changes we've made to our home and lifestyle. These simple tips will help green your beauty and home routine, save you money, and have been honest-to-goodness tested and GreenSkincareBlog approved!

Don't you hate the amount of water wasted when the shower is heating up? Gallons, every day... this eco beauty & home fix will cost you under $30 and save you cash in the process!
Why it's a keeper:
  • We installed the Lady Bug in our shower in less than 15 minutes
  • It saves gallons of wasted water every time the shower is heating up
  • It works double time saving cash on your water bill!
  • check out the Lady Bug by Evolve Showerheads here
Do you have a great eco-tip to share?
How have you greened your home or beauty routine?

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