Monday, December 8, 2008

Green Skincare: Fresh From Your Kitchen

Parsley Facial Steam
Parsley is a great herb for this steam due to it's wonderful benefits for the skin, and availability- you can always find fresh parley in the produce section. I grow my own outside, but live in a climate where that works year-round. If you don't, try growing parsley in an indoor window herb box.

Steams are a wonderful way to get a spa like treatment at home, plus they are super easy. If you can boil water, you can handle making your own facial steam.


~Boil a kettle of water
~rinse herbs if necessary and lay on dish towel
~Select a large, shallow bowl
~break herbs in to bowl
~Pour boiling water over parsley and let steep and cool for a few minutes
~Place bowl on table, sit in chair and let head drop down 12-18 in over bowl, be careful, if it's too hot, make sure to give more time to cool!
~Drape towel over head to trap steam between head and bowl
~Sit for a minute or 2, breathing deeply

follow with The Grapeseed Co. cleanser, toner and serum for a cleansing, hydrating & balancing experience.

What it does:
Parsley is naturally clarifying, rich in vitamin C and aides in healing blemishes.

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  1. I was very touchy for my skin and my skin type is sensitive. I was taking a steam without putting anything into it and it works and I am also going to spas for spa treatments to keep my skin beautiful and fresh but the idea of putting parsley is great. It really suits my skin. The best thing is that it is purely natural and no side affect of these things. Thank you very much for sharing the post. I love your post. Good work.