Friday, November 21, 2008

Pure, Natural & Delicious Scents: Surf

surf | one whiff will take you to the beach... notes of fresh lime, coconut and clean sweet mint. this powerful blend will help to disinfect, clarify,nourish & protect. This one's our top seller, the favorite fragrance of everyone who smells it!


ultra rich lotions
surf sea salt foot scrub
soy candles

The Grapeseed Company believes in using only the finest quality botanically derived ingredients to create our exquisitely pleasing aromas. Essential oils and essences are steam distilled from fruit, plants and flowers to create the natural, potent fragrances. Many are familiar with lavender essential oil or tea tree essential oil. The amazing benefits of essential oil go way beyond the natural origin. Essential oils also hold aromatherapy and medicinal benefits, and have a long history of use.

Fragrance oils are another story. Commonly found in cosmetics, skin care, body care and perfumes, fragrance oils are synthetic compounds created to form a scent. Many contain phthalates which have a variety of concerns you should educate yourself on if you are not familiar with them. Fragrance oils can often irritate people sensitive to smells, and even cause headaches or migraines. The Grapeseed Company only uses premium wild harvested essential oils. Each of The Grapeseed Co.s signature scents is a blend of multiple essential oils and essences.
Experience the delicious hand-blended aromas formulated with pure essential oils, fruit and plant essences... a true delight to the senses!

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