Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Before and After --- Testing Out the Resroli Serum

My obsession with beauty products started when I was a young girl. I used to spend hours testing out the different fruity scents of products at the mall and I was ecstatic when I received gift packages of glittery bath and body items for my birthday. My collection of beauty products quickly expanded as I grew older and my medley of sparkly body lotions transformed into skin care essentials. Though I made it through most of my teenage years with very few breakouts, they unfortunately began during my freshman year of college. I was so desperate that I purchased new products every week in the hopes that they would help to clear up my skin. I would use an average of 7 different face washes, scrubs, moisturizers and spot treatments on a daily basis. Over the past 2 years I discovered that I was disrupting my skin even more by layering on too many diverse, chemically rich products. After this realization, I became more conscious of the ingredients that I was applying to my face and body.

I was beyond excited to join The Grapeseed Company as an intern this summer. After reading about their natural, antioxidant rich vinotherapy products that contain honest and local ingredients, I knew that the company fit in perfectly with my interests and lifestyle. 

In order to get personally acquainted with the botanical beauty line, I decided to test out some of the skin care offerings on my own. Because of my problematic skin and acne scars, I am using the Resroli serum as my sole moisturizer. At first I was hesitant about applying an oil-based serum to my currently oily face; however, I have already seen an improvement in my skin tone and texture. I rub the Resroli serum onto my clean face both in the morning and at night. It absorbs quickly and truly leaves my face glowing. Additionally, it is nice to know that I am also helping to prevent future wrinkles and signs of aging because of the resveratrol and vitamins in the grapeseed oil, which is a prominent ingredient in the Resroli serum. 

I took Before/After photos to document the changes in my skin. As you can see, I had some dark red scarring on my chin at the beginning of the summer. Although I now have a bit of a tan from the California sun, it is still quite obvious that the marks have dramatically lightened.



I am so anxious to see the changes in my skin over the next few months... It is safe to say that I am completely hooked on the Resroli serum --- try it out for yourself and see if you get the amazing results that I did! 


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  1. The change is remarkable-you must be thrilled :) You can definitely see the difference.