Wednesday, June 8, 2011

fresh from your kitchen: summertime tea skin buff

An excellent emollient and exfoliant to buff your skin into shape for summer! Summertime tea skin buff combines the natural powers of green tea with a slice of lemon and gentle scrubbing powers of brown sugar and yogurt to create a home spa-treatment ideal for shorts and swimsuit season. As always, the ingredients are easy to find organic staples in your local grocer or health food shop.

1C brown sugar
1/4c sunflower oil
1/4c plain yogurt
1 bag green tea
15-20 drops citrus essential oil (EO) of your choice

~rip open tea bag and mix with brown sugar in a small bowl with a spatula
~add yogurt, oil and EO, blend until smooth
~massage your body from the feet up with gentle, upward circular motions
~apply a light, quick absorbing and hydrating moisturizer like our lavender infused grapeseed oil
~any remainder can be saved in the fridge for up to a week

what it does:
brown sugar is softer and fluffier in texture than traditional white sugar, making it an ideal choice for exfoliating sensitive skin. It's also a great source of vitamin B due to the molasses content of the sugar.
sunflower oil like grapeseed oil, sunflower oil is rich in polyphenols. It's a terrific choice for sensitive skin and gentle enough for use on babies. It's rich in omegas, oleic and linoleic acid in addition to beta carotene which provides renewing nutrients to the skin
green tea is an antioxidant powerhouse found in many anti-aging skin care products
yogurt contains a naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acid from lactic acid that exfoliates and renews the cellular surface of the skin
citrus EOs many citrus essential oils like tangerine, sweet orange, lemon, pink grapefruit, red mandarin and others we carry are known for their uplifting effects in addition to smelling juicy, ripe and fresh. Check out The Grapeseed Co. entire steam distilled EO collection.
learn some cool facts we bet you don't know about lemons... they're good for more than just a slice in your ice tea!

Green Skin Care Blog brings simple spa delights to your home with Fresh From Your Kitchen: DIY skin care recipes & treatments you can create with a trip to the grocer or health food store. Direct from the creator of The Grapeseed Company's personal stash of fresh beauty creations and concoctions.  

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