Thursday, April 15, 2010

hey bright eyes, what's eyebright?

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ingredient insider :: eyebright

botanical name:
euphrasia officinalis 

what it does:  Eyebright is an amazing herb with a solid history of use in folk medicine to treat irritation of the eye area. It’s rich in flavanoids and tannins, like grape seeds are. It is native to Europe, but today it's grown all over the world. Eyebright is known in herbal medicine to treat inflammation and irritation. Eyebright is also naturally rich in vitamin A, D and E, making it a great anti-aging ingredient in skin care. 

folklore: Eyebright has been used as a remedy in folk medicine to treat various conditions around the eyes. It's commonly brewed into a tea, then applied to the eye area with a compress. People also take the supplement in capsule and tincture form to help with allergies, colds and even sinus infections due to it's anti-inflammatory affect from the tannins.

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