Saturday, October 24, 2009

grape seed benefits: the quality of a byproduct

For such a powerful ingredient, it’s rather ironic that grape seeds have a long history of being thrown away. Grape seeds are a byproduct of the wine making process. After a vintner crushes grapes, the seeds and skins are strained and discarded. In many areas of the world, they were not even harvested for oil because it takes so many seeds to produce a decent quantity of oil. Most grape seed oil sold in supermarkets or massage suppliers in the USA comes from Europe. You can determine the quality of the oil by reading the label to find out how it was made. Cheaper oils are usually solvent extracted, a process that uses chemicals to extract the oil from the seed. It’s a quicker process for the oil manufacturer, thus cheaper for the consumer. However, this type of extraction process also strips the seed of its antioxidant and vitamin potency while exposing it to a chemical solvent. The purest form of any seed or nut oil is to expeller press the seed to create the oil. Grape seed oil is known for its light, nutrient rich composition, making it an ideal choice for all skin types. When I founded The Grapeseed Co. in 2004, my goal was to formulate botanical beauty utilizing the abundant benefits of the byproduct of wine. I chose the purest, freshest, certified organic and locally grown ingredients available to complement antioxidant-rich grape seeds. The Grapeseed Co. handcrafts custom vinotherapy masks, skin & body care, wine soap, men’s skin, shave and back bar spa products with the finest quality expeller-pressed grape seed oil, crushed grape seeds and red wine extract.

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